6 December, 2021

These are dangerous times for not only business but also their owners, as well as high-profile individuals as a whole. Crime is on the rise in many parts of California and hiring private security is a wise move.

Robberies Up All Over California

Police records show robberies are increasing all over California. There is even a rising tide of ‘Follow Home’ robberies. Criminals are following business owners and people who look ‘well to do’ to their homes where they are most vulnerable and robbing them. But if you have a private security guard, they will leave you alone.

Robberies Are Up Almost Ten Percent

According to a recent LAPD report, robberies in Los Angeles County are on the rise. The robbers are targeting victims with expensive purses, clothing, or jewelry. They are also using social media to find victims. They are also robbing stores selling cannabis products and diners eating meals outside at gunpoint. High-value items may also attract robbers. Having security is more important than ever before.

Crime Is Rising Outside LA As Well

Heavy spending on security in certain areas of LA has reduced crime, but robberies continue to rise in other parts of California. According to an experienced FBI Special Agent, the type of security measures you have in your business dictates if you will become a victim. Plus, robberies with hostages and weapons are on the rise.

A Simple Robbery Prevention Solution

A simple way cannabis-related business owners and other individuals of means can stop themselves from being targeted by robbers is to hire a security guard. The fastest and easiest way to hire well-trained security right away is to contact Special Security Services.

Trained, Licensed, Armed, Or Unarmed

The Special Security Services website can provide you with specially trained, licensed, armed or unarmed security guards at a moment’s notice. Just log on to the website. Tell them if you want armed or unarmed security and when you want them to start. Whether you want a personal security guard or one for your cannabis-related business, you can have one right away.

Prompt, Professional, And Properly Trained

People love hiring security guards from Special Security Services because they are always prompt, professional, and properly trained. They arrive at the location you want them at the time you request, professionally dressed, and conduct themselves properly.

They are trained to prevent or stop any type of threat to your person or your property.

Protect Yourself And Your Property

Criminals and criminal gangs are on the rise. All the talk about ‘defund the police’ and ‘lay off unvaccinated police officers’ has made them bolder. You are responsible for protecting yourself and your property now more than ever before. And Special Security Services can help. They can provide the security guards you need.

Enhance Your Personal Safety

You have worked to grow your business and your wealth. But looking successful can make you a target for dangerous criminals. Hiring armed or unarmed security guards can help to enhance your personal safety and give criminals pause. Criminals tend to prey on the weak. Having armed security guards is a show of strength that can keep them away.

Fast, Reliable Security Guards

Special Security Services is California’s fastest, most reliable way to get security guards. Just log on to their website, enter your zip code, choose armed or unarmed guards, state the time and date you want them to start and make your payment. That’s all it takes to get professional, highly trained, reliable security guards right away.

Who Needs Reliable Security Guards

It’s important to know if you or your business needs or can benefit from the services of well-trained security guards. If you own a cannabis-related business, it is in your best interest to get well-trained, armed, or unarmed security guards. If you have any other type of successful business that generates a lot of cash, having a security guard is a good idea. It can help to protect you, your staff, and your customers.

Individuals Who Can Benefit From Having Security Guards

There are many kinds of people who can benefit from having properly trained, licensed security guards to provide them with protection. If you are a ‘high profile’ business person with a high net worth, you can benefit from having trained security protecting you. If you are a celebrity, a well-known executive, or a successful business owner, you should consider getting security to protect you. You are the type of person that criminals target to rob.

Other Security Guard Companies

There are many companies that offer security guards. Many of them have very few years in the industry and have not earned the respect and trust that the team at Special Security Services has. Their decades working with security guards let them know who can provide the protection businesses and private citizens need. In the security business experience matters. It could be a matter of life and death.

The Best Way To Hire Security Guards

Some people think they know enough to be able to find, vet, and hire a good security guard. It’s important to understand that high-quality security guards require a very specific skillset and the appropriate licenses. The professionals at Special Security Services have been hiring security guards for over 20 years. They know the right skill set, training, background, and the personality type it takes to make the best security guard.

Professional Services

One reason a growing number of businesses and private individuals in California turn to Special Security Services is the professionalism of their security guards. When you hire a security guard from Special Security Services, you can rest assured they are properly trained, licensed, and insured. They will always be on time and they will be professional in their conduct and attitude. Plus, they will be able to handle any dangerous situation that arises.

A Track Record Of Excellence

At Special Security Services they have a track record of excellence. Their customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with the quality of the work of their security guards. Whether it is maintaining order, providing protection in a business, or making sure that a private individual is properly protected, the team at Special Security Services always receives high praise for their work.

Preventing Problems

Another reason the security guards from Special Security Services have earned a stellar reputation is their ability to prevent problems rather than having to stop them. Their advanced training enables them to identify potential problems and be proactive in preventing them from developing into a dangerous issue. It is a skill that clients rave about consistently.

A Diverse Skillset

The security guards at Special Security Services have a diverse skillset. This enables them to provide a wide selection of services. They are experts at crowd control. They can also do vehicle patrol on your business property. The guards are also trained to handle parking control. Plus, they know how to do fire watch properly to keep everyone safe.

Corporate And Home Security

Whether you need corporate security for your business or security services for your home and family, the security guards from Special Security Services are the right choice. They understand how to reconnoiter the perimeter of a property, identify any weak spots, recognize potential threats and take effective action to prevent problems.

Neat, Courteous, And Polite

People love dealing with the security guards they hire from Special Security Services. That’s because they are always neat, courteous, polite, and friendly. They understand that a neat appearance helps to convey their level of professionalism. Plus, when they deal with the public as a representative of a business or private individual it is important that they be courteous, polite, and friendly even as they always provide respect for the rules that they must enforce.

Pleasant, Firm, And Fair

When the guards are at work, they are always pleasant, firm, and fair. They make sure people are clear on the rules without being rude. They are firm when they need to be and they are always fair when enforcing the rules. They understand they do not have to be seen as a mean and malevolent force in order to keep the peace and maintain order.

Protect Yourself And Your Business

Crimes against property and persons are on the rise in many parts of California. It’s incumbent on business owners and private citizens to protect themselves, the business, their staff, and their customers. Hiring well-trained, professional security guards from Special Security Services is a fast, easy, affordable way to do it.

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