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Commercial Security Guard Services For Hire in California

As a business owner, finding the best security guards will help keep your employees and customers safe. Whether your business is large with higher revenues or not, there’s a chance that you may be a victim of theft, vandalism, and other crimes.

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    Even though more advanced technology for security continues to arise, human service remains essential.

    For many decades now, commercial security guards have played a vital role in law enforcement. Besides, lots of entrepreneurs still hire security guards alongside high-end security systems.

    Thus, having the best, well-trained, and qualified commercial security guards can help prevent the occurrence of such misbehaviors on your business premises. This makes it a safer and more secure place for everyone. We’ll discuss the types, importance, qualifications, responsibilities, and other things related to commercial security guards and how they contribute to your security solutions.

    Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

    These are the two main types of security guards. Armed Security Guards are called protection officers.

    They carry weapons such as batons and handguns while on duty to ensure everyone’s safety around the premises of a particular building or institution. Also, they have a special license to use the weapons.

    On the other hand, unarmed security guards are known as patrol officers. Their duties include searching people, vehicles, and buildings to detect possible threats.

    Typically, unarmed guards monitor locations by checking cars parked near the building, making security patrols inside and around the perimeter of a facility or property to deter robbery attempts and keep an eye on suspicious activity.


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    Why are armed guards necessary?

    Any unauthorized person who tries to break into a secured area can threaten the security of people inside and outside the premises. Thus, business owners must hire armed security guards with a license to protect everyone until police arrive.

    In addition, even a guard could encounter an attacker that tries to assault them. In this case, it’s necessary to protect both the guard and other personnel in the building by carrying a gun.

    Why are unarmed guards necessary?

    Yes, security guards in a specific location without carrying weapons should motivate thieves to leave the place immediately and offer effective business security.

    However, they may try to rob someone first and come back if they fail. Restricting them with armed guards can help maintain a peaceful environment and ensure people are safe from harm.

    Also, having unarmed security guards will keep your business security systems professional by avoiding confusion if there is someone on the premises with a weapon.

    In addition, many companies are not allowed to carry guns or weapons. In these cases, unarmed security officers can provide their services to suit your security needs.

    Qualifications of each type of security guard

    Armed Security Guards/Protection Officers typically have at least a high school diploma, go through security guard training programs, and pass the licensing exam.

    However, they don’t need to complete these courses. There are no specific security service training standards set for armed guards by local or state governments yet. This means you need a security provider that properly vets and trains their security guards to properly assess threats and act in the best interest of your business and its security.

    In most states in the U.S., you need at least a high school diploma to get the job. Nevertheless, some security companies require written tests and physical exams to hire you as an armed protection officer.

    Trained Security Officers will receive comprehensive training on handling dangerous situations like hostage-taking with command presence, restraint, and tactics that could help them protect others from injuries or death. They’ll go through training programs on how to prevent terrorist attacks and keep track of an emergency using the latest technology, intrusion detection, visitor management, and video surveillance systems on top of their physical training.

    Should you invest in unarmed or armed guards?

    At times, most business owners hire both types of security guards for their businesses. It is because they know that the best defense could be having armed guards on-site and an unarmed patrol officer during operating hours to protect against vandalism, theft, and other criminal activity.

    However, if you are not familiar with the phrase ‘prevention is better than cure, ‘ hiring both types of guards could be too much for your business.

    It’s highly advisable to hire a single guard with skills and knowledge of both armed and unarmed security training and experience in dealing with violent situations.

    How to hire armed and unarmed guards for your commercial needs

    The following ways are available for hiring qualified security guards for your business:

    Find a licensed and insured security company in your area:

    It will help you to find any trustworthy registered guard based on the location, experience, and credentials they hold. Hiring them to manage your commercial building should be easy, and that’s what we do here at Special Security Services.


    You can go to an online store that offers security guard services with a complete package including uniformed officers, uniforms, equipment, and everything else you might be looking for to suit your business needs. In addition, you can find information about their company’s license, insurance and make sure whether every guard is certified or not. You’ll be able to tell their rates as well.

    Contact your local police department:

    If you are looking for an unarmed security guard, you can request them to recommend you a licensed company or contractor. However, if you want to hire armed guards, the police department will issue you those officers only in case of requirement.

    Fill out an application form and submit it to local companies:

    Almost every security agency in your area offers its services via online vacancies. Thus, you can hire security guards easily by filling out a form and submitting it to licensed companies.

    You’ll be able to choose first-hand information about their services or prices and make sure whether they have enough experience or not.

    Who employs unarmed and armed security guards?

    The following entities require professional unarmed and armed security guards for their business or properties:

    Public places

    Although these businesses haven’t hired full-time or on-site officers, they still need to secure locations such as shopping malls, museums, parks, and event venues.

    People prefer to shop in public places rather than go to nearby stores or malls. These places are likely to attract more visitors because they are free from strict rules and regulations as in private properties.

    Security companies

    Whether it’s about office buildings or commercial complexes, security officers must be present at every location to maintain a peaceful environment among staff members and customers. The best thing is that the company can hire a few security officers for a small place as they don’t need to hire many guards if the workplace has less space.


    A small business owner can use security services for any emergency. For example, if there is a fire or robbery attack at his place, licensed security guards will arrive immediately and handle the situation calmly.

    Security in public spaces such as malls

    Retail stores always require full-time professionals to manage their staff and customers, and provide video monitoring during shopping hours. In addition, some businesses hire security guards for their stock storage and distribution service as well.

    Security at private events

    When large-scale private events such as weddings or concerts are organized, suitable trained officers should be present to protect the location without disturbing any of the event’s activities. As an example, if someone wants to enter the venue without invitation or permission from the owner.


    Whether residential or commercial property, they both need security guards to keep watch over the place. If there are no security officers at your building, you’ll undoubtedly face theft or robbery attacks that will affect you in the wrong way.

    Every business should hire either part-time or full-time unarmed, or armed security guards for their office buildings as most of them are subject to robbery attacks, especially banks or jewelry shops. Relying solely on security alarms and commercial alarm systems isn’t enough in areas at-risk with a high crime rate such as San Francisco or the greater bay area.

    Security at public events

    Security guards are also employed to provide venue security at public events such as concerts, festivals, and sports competitions. In addition, these licensed professionals use walkie-talkies for communicating with other officers on duty, monitor security cameras, and keep watch over the event or location without disturbing anyone.


    The best way to keep your company protected from theft or break-in is by hiring professional guards. You can rest assured that these trained officers will watch over your employees and customers in the warehouse at all times.

    What specific training do armed and unarmed guards receive?

    Security officers receive specific training in unarmed and armed security guard duties, depending on the state they are employed and supervised in.

    As for those professionals’ education level and background, you should find out whether your desired level of security requires certification or not.

    To do so, you can call the agency and ask them about their requirements before applying.

    Why would you hire specific types of armed or unarmed guards?

    The main reason why you should hire an armed or unarmed security officer is to support your business or commercial building. Security officers arrive at the destination and watch over the place to prevent any suspicious activity that might happen during or after hours of operation, such as robbery attacks, fire alarms, or other emergencies.

    Furthermore, they offer small services that most wouldn’t think of, such as assisting people who come into stores by helping them carry heavy loads. As for commercial property, they provide safety for businesses as well.

    Why choose SSS for your commercial security guard needs

    24/7 customer support team

    Special Security Services offers 24/7 customer support for all types of commercial properties, from small and large companies to those located in residential buildings. We are always ready to assist you with any questions regarding our services and how we can provide for your security needs.

    All hired guards have a PRO license, all essential insurances including battery and assault, undergo screening, active drug testing, and hold active guard cards.

    All security officers licensed by the state of California carry a valid guard card and police registration number with them. If any unlawful activities occur, our guards are authorized to arrest suspects and bring them to police stations.

    That is why regardless of whether or not you choose armed or unarmed professional security services, we shall ensure the safety of your business 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

    Security is available on demand. Much like an uber, you can book an appointment at your convenience to get security right away.

    We provide security on demand for both commercial property and residential buildings. To be specific, you can reserve our services anytime you need them through online or phone appointments. Alternatively, you may even request the officer to stay at your place when you are not there.

    How the process works

    To request a quote, you’ll need to enter your first and last name. Then type in your email and phone number. Indicate the company’s name. Select the type of service you intend to provide, then click the submit button.

    The next thing will be to enter your ZIP code, select either armed or unarmed guard. Choose the date and time you’ll need our commercial security services. After that, make payment, and you’ll have our guard right at your doorstep.

    Why might someone need commercial guard security?

    Beyond just having a security system (alarms, locks, cameras), sometimes the need for actual guards is very real. Many companies invest in commercial security guard services for various reasons, including special events such as tradeshows or conventions.

    Commercial property owners may also hire guards when tenants/customers are conducting financial transactions at their facilities (such as banks). The goal is to ensure the safety of everyone by ensuring that no one is held up or robbed inside a business.

    Overnight coverage and how much it costs per night

    It’s important to note here that this is not an hourly rate- it’s just one flat cost for the whole night. Also, you can have guards on overnight shifts any day except for weekends and holidays.

    California-Specific Security Needs

    As a California-based company, we love the Golden State just as much as you do. However, we also understand the specific security needs of California residents.

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