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You need the right security guards to protect you, your family, your assets, and more. Sometimes that means hiring permanent security guards for a prolonged period of time.

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    Some people in this world receive the blessings of fame and fortune or a position of high responsibility. Of course, with every great blessing comes an element of over-exposure and danger.

    If you find yourself in a position where you face adversaries regularly or carry a highly important role that puts you in charge of a lot of money or power, people may target you. Protect yourself before an accident happens with permanent security services from Special Security Services (SSS).

    Permanent Security Guards

    Permanent security services, as the name suggests, means that you will have security with you at all times both at home and on the road for an extended period. It’s essentially similar to having 24/7 private bodyguard services and residential security services.

    The security guard will keep people a safe distance away from you while in public and remain alert of any potential threats while at home. Be clear about whether you want permanent security on outings, at the home, or both. Will you want two security guards – one at the home and one with you when you go out?

    Permanent services generally require multiple guards and a detailed contract that clearly lays out the terms of the agreement so that both sides feel comfortable.

    A security system and effective locks and lights can help keep you and your items safe at home, but they can’t catch everything. Plus, many burglars and robbers know their victim and may even have an understanding of their security system, rendering it much less effective.

    You get to choose between armed guards or unarmed guards if that makes you feel more comfortable. Unarmed guards still have training in other ways of debilitating a perp with martial arts and non-lethal weapons. However, most people prefer armed guards since they have the training as well as a gun for additional protection. Armed guards do not shoot unless absolutely necessary and shoot to disarm rather than kill if possible.


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    Who Needs Permanent Security Services?

    In most cases, people who need permanent services tend to be in the public eye. This includes celebrities, politicians, and people in business. The security can keep the paparazzi away in the case you made some unpopular headlines or have a divisive personality in general.

    The need for security among celebrities makes California a particularly important location for protection. Many criminals focus on affluent LA locations since they assume they will make out with more money by stealing r attacking someone from this area. Stalkers also come to California to obsess over their favorite celebrities to the point where their fandom can even lead to death, such as the case with Selena and John Lennon.

    Some people may not be famous, but they simply prioritize safety over anything else, and they feel more comfortable knowing they have a security keep to make them feel comfortable, even if they have relatively low risk.

    Other people may want permanent security after a specific incident, such as a burglary or attack by an ex, which leaves them feeling traumatized and anxious.

    Finally, some people want permanent security services since they often find themselves in dangerous situations, such as a reporter who goes to the scene of dangerous crimes or third-world countries on a regular basis.

    Why Get Permanent Security Services

    There are a number of reasons that you may want to consider getting permanent security services for hire in California, including protection from theft, protection from bodily harm, and peace of mind.

    Protection From Theft

    You worked hard for the things you own, and it’s not fair for someone to come and sweep up your items from underneath you.

    Muggers and burglars are far less likely to attempt to steal from you if you have a giant bodyguard with you. Your bodyguard will also remain alert to minimize risk by keeping you away from any precarious-looking people or places.

    At your home, the security guard can rely on your security system or walk the premises to keep an eye on things. Keep in mind that most thefts from the home happen when you aren’t there. You may want to hire security services when you go away if you want to increase the amount of security at your home base.

    Protection From Bodily Harm

    Some people with mental illness or extremely poor coping skills may attempt to cause physical harm to you. Other times, people resort to physical violence as a last resort when they find themselves caught in a corner, such as when a burglary goes wrong.

    Peace of Mind

    Ultimately, permanent security services in California provide you with peace of mind that you are safe so that you can focus on the other things in your life.

    You will be able to focus on your work and family and fall asleep easier knowing that someone is literally watching over you. While a guardian angel may be watching over you in heaven, this person is real, large, scary, and potentially carrying a gun.

    Why Choose Special Security Services (SSS)

    Special Security Services in California is one of the best security companies in the state for a wide range of reasons. Learn why more and more people are choosing SSS for their security needs in California!

    Vetted, Licensed, and Trained Guards

    To become a security guard with SSS, you need to go through a rigorous background check that thoroughly covers both criminal histories. They will also need to go through a drug test and periodic random drug tests to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

    If approved, the security guard must go through serious training that includes weapon training, martial arts, emotional intelligence, and company procedures, which aim to exceed legal requirements and take us a step ahead of the rest.

    Only after a guard completes all training will they get the opportunity to get their PPO license and join the team. The PPO license must be renewed regularly.

    24/7 Service

    Security concerns happen at all times of the day. They don’t take off for nights, weekends, and holidays and neither do our security guards or customer service center.

    If you need help or have a complaint in the middle of the night, you can contact Special Security Services to reach someone.

    On Demand Service

    These days, you can use an app on your smartphone to order Uber services, and a car will arrive in just minutes. We want to bring a similar process to our security services.

    Give us a call for security services, and we will do our best to get someone to you as quickly as possible.

    This makes us a great option in the case of an unexpected cancellation, or if you have last-minute needs.

    How It Works

    When you need security services in California, all you need to do is give us the basic information to get started.

    To get your free quote, all we need is the following information:

    • name
    • email
    • phone number
    • company name
    • service (armed or unarmed)

    You will get a quote shortly, and a representative will help you finalize your order, or you can book security services in California yourself on our website.

    We service the entire state of California, whether you live in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Sacramento.

    We offer a lot more than just permanent security services. We also offer temporary services, residential services, bodyguard services, and a wide array of other protection services.

    If you have specific needs, please let us know so that we can customize your services to exactly what you want and need.

    Before you finalize things, you will need to clarify how many bodyguards you need and the duration of time you need the bodyguard. If you need to extend services, we can do that at any time.

    Crime in California

    It’s important to note that California in particular creates great opportunity in the eyes of many criminals.

    People in California tend to be eccentric, sometimes leading to crazy and dangerous behavior. More logical criminals like California thanks to the number of rich celebrities and entrepreneurs in the area and the multiple metropolitan areas. People in California make more enemies simply due to the large population.

    While crime in California is actually going down slightly, there is still a definite cause for concern. For example, the crime rate for property crimes in 2019 was 2,332 per 100,000 homes. Massachusetts, on the other hand, has 1210 property crimes for every 100,000 residents.


    Safety and protection should be of utmost importance for everyone, but some people require more protection or prioritize protection more than others. Don’t rely on home security alone but include security services in California through Special Security Services (SSS). We will ensure you get security when you need it, even at the last minute.


    Get the security services you need at a low price. We’re open 24/7. Call now for a quote!

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