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Private Bodyguard Services For Hire in California

Special Security Service dispatches guards well-trained in defense mechanisms and in the use of firearms- if the need arises.

Private Bodyguards increase safety where security is a major concern.

Our team is here to help. You can easily book your private security today or request a quote in a matter of minutes.

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    Bodyguard Services

    When you have an event, you want it to be secure. Bodyguards can ensure that everyone stays in check. If someone unwelcome arrives or an invited guest causes trouble, the security can remove them as quietly as possible.

    If you want a bodyguard on-site at your event, tell us how many people you plan to have at the event and how long the event will last. We can suggest the best amount of guards for your needs.

    Executive Protection

    People like to do business with a company that makes them feel safe. That’s why many corporations hire security to check in employees and guests when they arrive on the premises. The security guards can also handle any issues that occur and escort people out who may not be doing what they should be doing.

    Employees tend to act on their best behavior when they know security is on site, and it can deter people from attempting to steal money or valuable information.

    If you need executive security guard services, let us know the days and hours that you want someone at your commercial building, as well as any security information they will need to do the job properly. We can take care of the rest from there!


    Get the security services you need at a low price. We’re open 24/7. Call now for a quote!

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    Personal Protection

    A personal bodyguard can accompany you when you go into high-risk situations or make you feel more secure at your residence. Our bodyguards are well-trained in a range of defense techniques, including the use of guns. However, you can also request unarmed guards if hat makes you feel more comfortable.

    If you need personal protection, inform us of your personal circumstances. Do you need someone to protect you in public, at your home, or do you want complete services?

    Why to Choose Special Security Services (SSS) for Your Security Needs

    You have options when it comes to picking a security service. Why choose Special Security Services (SSS)? Here are all of the reasons that SSS stands out above the crowd.

    24/7 Support

    We understand that security needs don’t follow a 9 – 5 schedule. In fact, violent crime tends to peak at around 9:00 p.m.

    That’s why we offer 24/7 support for anyone who needs services after regular business hours. This becomes especially handy for corporations that have people in the office overnight or parties that still continue into the next day due to how much fun everyone is having.

    Let us know the estimated ending of your needs. We can accommodate any needs. For services that require extended service over a certain amount of hours, we can send out a second guard to finish the shift.

    Trained and Licensed Guards

    Some security companies hire just about anyone to provide security services. However, we at SSS believe that you deserve security guards with the proper training and a sincere dedication to protection.

    That’s why we ensure that all of our security guards are properly trained, licensed, and insured. All guards have a PO license as well as battery and assault insurance. We also perform a background check on all security guards as well as a drug test so that we know they all have a clean background.

    Do you want information on the guards you hire? just ask! we can provide the necessary documentation to give you the peace of mind you want to achieve through our services.

    Our guards also truly care about providing the best security possible. they are professions who treat the job as seriously as if they were protecting their own families.

    On-Demand Service

    Did your security needs come seemingly out of nowhere? You may not think that you can find security on short notice, but we offer on-demand security services for those emergency situations you didn’t expect. Most companies require advanced notice, but we understand that sometimes you need security right now. We will get security to you as quickly as possible, any time of day or night.

    Similar to rideshare companies, you can reach out to us to get immediate service. This can come in handy after a traumatic personal event or a when another security guard company fell through on their obligations.

    How It Works

    Want to know how to arrange for SSS security services? It’s easy! Just follow these simple steps to order security services in California online or over the phone!

    Step One: Enter your zip code

    Tell us where you need services by submitting the applicable zip code. Remember, this is where you need a security guard- not where you live. We will use this information to select a guard near you!

    We have offices in Glendale and Sacramento, but we offer services throughout the majority of the state of California.

    Step Two: Choose Armed or Unarmed Guard

    We believe in providing options to make our clients feel comfortable. Let us know if you feel more comfortable with a security guard who has a gun on their person? Or do you feel more comfortable with a security guard who doesn’t have a firearm?

    Step Three: Select Date and Time of Services

    We need to know the date and time of the services you want. Remember, we offer services on demand and 24/7 a day, so don’t worry about last-minute or late night requests!

    We recommend scheduling services about 30 – 60 minutes in advance so you have an opportunity to speak with the security guard and get them acquainted with the home or venue. If you don’t know how long your event will take, plan for the worst case scenario to ensure you don’t leave yourself or your guests vulnerable.

    Step Four: Charge It

    Your payment secures your services. We accept all major credit cards, and we will send you a confirmation of the services. We will also collect your personal information, such as your name, at this time.

    Step Five: Enjoy Your Services

    You’re done. The only thing you have left to do is focus on your event or personal needs. We have security covered from here.

    Still shopping around for services? Request a quote on our homepage!

    Why Hire Personal Security

    Some of the reasons that you might require personal security includes protecting yourself from a personal threat, protecting you from the public, or transporting valuable items.

    If you are going through a potentially contentious breakup, you may feel more comfortable having someone there to keep your ex and their constitutes at an arm’s length. This becomes especially important if your ex became violent or obsessive during any point during your relationship.

    Celebrities and even civilians can find themselves under scrutiny from the public that leads to extreme emotions. People who create a passionate response from other people can benefit from security when they go out into public or even at their residence.

    Finally, you can benefit from security services if you need to transport valuable items to a different location. The security can ensure that no one steals from you during the transfer.

    California-Specific Security Needs

    California is arguably the best state out of all of the United States of America due to its amazing weather, Hollywood, and the opportunities available. However, that also makes it a target. Here are some of the reasons that California residents in particular can benefits from security services.


    With large population comes crime. San Bernardino has the highest crime rates in the state and showed an increase in violent crime in the last couple of years. However, even areas that have shown a decrease in crime still have reason for citizens to want extra protection. Most metropolitan areas have high crime rates simply due to the high populations and proximity to less than desirable areas.

    Hollywood Target

    When people think of California, they think of Hollywood and celebrities, and they associate these things with money. That puts a target on people’s backs just for living in certain areas, such as LA or Orange County. Don’t allow foreign tourists to take what you worked hard to achieve. This doesn’t only apply to celebrities, either. Anyone can become a target, especially people who demonstrate a certain level of wealth.

    Special Security Services

    The world can be a scary place, but you can make it less frightening by getting professional bodyguard services. We at Special Security Services (SSS) provide a wide range of security services to cover all of your security needs. We have over 20 years of experience, so we have the experience to handle whatever comes our way.

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    Get the security services you need at a low price. We’re open 24/7. Call now for a quote!

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