Security Guard Services We Offer in California
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    Security Guard Services We Offer in California

    Special Security Service is well known in California for providing excellent security services in various domains for the past 20+ years. Here is what our company can do for you

    Residential Security

    • Special Security Services offers Residential Building Security to residential communities all throughout California.
    • Armed/Unarmed guards minimize security risks in the residence and increase your property’s tenant retention.

    Private Bodyguard Services

    • Special Security Service dispatches guards well-trained in defense mechanisms and in the use of firearms- if the need arises.
    • Private Bodyguards increase safety where security is a major concern.

    Armed security guards

    • Special Security Service is a reliable name when it comes to dispatching guards with weapons.
    • Armed security guards are well- trained on how and when to use firearms.

    Unarmed security guards

    • Well- trained to use defense mechanisms to diffuse difficult situations- without the use of firearms.
    • These guards are well known for providing a sense of safety by constantly staying alert.

    Commercial Security

    • Special Security Service provides an excellent and customized approach for commercial security services for California office buildings.
    • Armed/ Unarmed guards are always alert and are able to distinguish between employees, visitors or notorious individuals.

    Permanent Services

    • You need the right security guards to protect you, your family, your assets, and more. Sometimes that means hiring permanent security guards for a prolonged period of time.
    • You can easily book your permanent security today.

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