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    As a business owner, protecting your assets is crucial, and this will be true regardless of the type of business that you own. In fact, your ability to protect your assets as a business owner could make the difference between owning a thriving business and one that’s failing.

    Therefore, you need to do everything you can to protect your company from threats, and Special Security Services is always here to keep you, your customers, and your company safe. Furthermore, the services that we offer are exceptionally easy to find, and we’re legally authorized to protect your property. These are a few key advantages of hiring unarmed guards from Special Security Services:

    • Our services are designed to protect you from all of the threats that you could face in today’s uncertain world. Furthermore, you can rest assured that we do everything that we can to stay up to date on the latest threats
    • You can rest assured that all of our security professionals are licensed in the field.
    • Our unique business model makes it easy to hire a guard fast, and the system was originally inspired by rideshare services like Uber and Lyft.

    You May Not Necessarily Need an Armed Guard

    While some people erroneously assume that unarmed guards are not likely to be effective, this could not be any further from the truth. In fact, unarmed guards can be just as effective as armed guards in some situations! That’s because the mere presence of a security service can be an extremely powerful deterrent to theft and other property crimes.

    Furthermore, it can help to decrease the chances that your business location will become a hangout spot for individuals engaged in criminal activities. That’s because the presence of a sign used to mark protected properties are likely to deter potential thieves. Not only that, but we’ll ensure that you have the right alarms, locks, and cameras for your home and/or business.

    These technologies can be highly effective when it comes to preventing property crime. However, none of them come close to having a real guard protecting your home or business, and that’s why numerous California business owners have chosen to protect themselves by hiring security professionals.

    In some cases, the only reliable way to keep yourself, your business, and your customers safe is to hire a guard. In fact, hiring the right unarmed guards can go a long ways when it comes to preventing theft and rowdy behavior.

    Furthermore, no camera system will protect your home or business on its own. That’s because you will need trained security guards to interpret the information that you receive from cameras.

    Nearly any Business Can Use a Security Service

    If you’re looking for security services to protect your store, bar, restaurant, or any other business location that you own, you can rest assured that Special Security Services will have what you need. We have worked with business owners of all types throughout California, and this can allow you to save thousands of dollars.

    Who Needs an Unarmed Security Guard?

    Not only can guards help to protect your property, but they also can help to protect the safety of yourself and/or your customers. So, when will you need an unarmed guard? These are a few of the types of clients that we see most often:


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    Why Celebrities Need a Team of Top Notch Security Staff

    As a celebrity living in California, there are more security threats that you could face due to your publicity. Luckily, our team of security professionals has worked with celebrities of all types.

    This can help to ensure that you’re able to stay safe and protect your assets. Furthermore, you can rest assured that unarmed guards will always be a powerful deterrent, and this is even true for high-profile celebrities.

    How Trained Unarmed Guards Can Protect an Estate

    As the owner of an estate, protecting your assets is a crucial part of your financial wellbeing. Luckily, you can rest assured that our unarmed guards will be able to protect almost any kind of property from threats.

    This is extremely important for estate owners who have a large amount of assets. Even if your guards are unarmed, their presence is likely to be a strong deterrent to burglars attempting to steal from your estate.

    What Types of Events are Unarmed Guards Needed For?

    While there are many different types of events where you might need unarmed guards, you can count on needing these security services for a concert or any other show. That’s because guards can help to prevent rowdy behavior and ensure that guests do not enter the venue without paying.

    In addition, unarmed guards are often needed for conventions and other business-related events, and Special Security Services is the best company to choose. In fact, we have provided security to many events throughout the state!

    You Can Find Unarmed Guards With Highly Specialized Training

    Due to the fact that unarmed guards do not carry weapons, many unarmed guards are trained to observe and report rather than perform restraints. However, most armed guards are trained to actively stop incidents of theft.

    Unarmed guards will often have additional training to improve their observational skills to effectively observe and report. Furthermore, they’ll often receive additional training on self-defense without the use of a weapon.

    Also, both unarmed and armed guards will always be trained on the laws of your city, state, county, and the broader region. This helps to prevent lawsuits that arise from the use of improper techniques on the job.

    Why You Should Choose Special Security Services if You Need Guards

    If you are looking for security guards to protect your business, our services are the best that you can choose, and there are several reasons why this is the case. Here are a few of the most important ways that what we offer stands out against the competition in the security industry:

    1. We Offer Excellent Customer Support

    You can rest assured that we’ll be able to answer any questions that you have at any hour of the day or night. That’s because we offer 24/7 customer support by phone and on the web, which will make it easier to properly plan any event and optimize your company’s security strategy.

    2. You Can count on All of Our Guards to Be Properly Licensed and Insured

    One fact that sets us apart from many of our competitors is the fact that our guards are always licensed and insured. In fact, we require every guard who works for us to have a PPO (private patrol officer) license. Furthermore, they’re insured against losses that result from a battery or assault case.

    Making sure that your guards are properly insured is important. That’s because a lawsuit for battery, assault, or an improper restraint can be extremely costly. However, even if there is a lawsuit, our insurance will cover us.

    This means that you will not have to pay a penny! Furthermore, all of our guards carry an active guard card at all times, which means that you’ll always know for sure that they’re properly licensed and insured.

    We also take steps to ensure that our guards remain drug-free at all times. That’s because they’re all regularly drug tested. This helps to ensure that our entire team offers reliable, quality services at all times. So, you can rest assured that you’ll have the protection needed for your business every day or for a special event.

    How are Our Guards Screened?

    One thing that makes us very different than our competitors is the fact that all of our employees go through an extensive screening process. This includes both a detailed background check and a drug test. In addition, we take steps to ensure that every guard who works for us is experienced and trained in the field.

    Hiring Our Guards is Simple and Fast

    One thing that sets us apart from our competitors is the fact that we make it easy to access all of our services. This helps to ensure that business owners and celebrities are able to get the protection that they need at any time. In fact, you’ll be able to get a quote fast online.

    All of the guards who work for us are reliable, very well trained, and extremely skilled at keeping individuals and businesses safe. All that you’ll need to do to get the right protection is enter your zip code, choose whether you want armed or unarmed guards, select a time and day that you’ll need protection, pay for services, and a guard will arrive at your home or business fast.

    This makes the approach we offer similar to Uber and Lyft, and you can expect our guards to arrive just as quickly as if you called an Uber. However, we exclusively concentrate on security services. Therefore, you’ll be able to get everyday protection for your business, and you’ll also be able to hire us for a special event.

    This will ensure that you, your business, and all of your guests remain safe at all times. You can rest assured that we offer the best security services in the area, and this is true whether you need us for an event or for everyday protection.

    Why Hiring the Right Security Service is Especially Important in California

    If you’re looking for security services in California, it’s extremely important to make sure that you pick the right company to protect your business. Luckily, we have been helping business owners stay safe for years, which ensures that we’ll know exactly what security services your company needs.

    It’s especially important to have a skilled security team if you live in one of California’s major cities, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Sacramento. That’s because property crimes are exceptionally common in the state. In fact, California has the 19th highest break-in rate in the entire country.

    If you live in Los Angeles, your chances of becoming a victim of property crime are around 1 in 41. Furthermore, Sacramento has some of the highest crime rates in the entire country, and it’s over 50% higher than other cities that are around the same size. San Francisco also has a high property crime rate, and your odds of being a victim in the city are 1 in 19.

    Also, property crimes can lead to violent crimes, and this is yet another reason to ensure that you have protection from a competent and experienced security detail. This is especially true with regard to home robberies.

    In fact, there are many cases throughout California where a burglar committed a violent crime during the act. Luckily, choosing a skilled security service can dramatically reduce your chances of becoming a victim.

    Why Choose an Unarmed Guard in California?

    If you need a guard in the state of California, you may be wondering whether you should choose an armed guard or an unarmed guard. While it can be a challenging decision to make, unarmed guards can be an effective deterrent, and they can actively prevent theft and rowdy behavior.

    Luckily, you can rest assured that the unarmed guards who work for us are experienced, vetted, and highly skilled. In fact, we offer the best security services in the state of California.

    California-Specific Security Needs

    As a California-based company, we love the Golden State just as much as you do. However, we also understand the specific security needs of California residents.

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    Get the security services you need at a low price. We’re open 24/7. Call now for a quote!

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