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Choosing the best security to hire for your California dispensary

As a cannabis business owner, finding the best security guards will help keep your employees and customers safe. Whether your business is large with higher revenues or not, there’s a chance that you may be a victim of theft, vandalism, and other crimes. Especially when dealing with lots of cash.

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    Running a marijuana dispensary or cannabis company in California can be dangerous. Crime at the dispensaries and companies is steadily rising. Robberies in marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles have increased by over 10% in this year’s first 9 months. But you can keep your staff and your customers safer by having us provide you with properly trained and licensed security guards. Often the robberies are committed by opportunists who see that your company or dispensary lacks proper security. At Special Security Services we can provide you with armed or unarmed security guards at a moment’s notice.

    Hiring Security Guards for Your Cannabis Business

    Some owners of marijuana companies and cannabis dispensaries attempt to take the process of hiring security guards for their facilities into their own hands. They place ads in local publications and attempt to conduct interviews to find security guards they can trust. What they eventually begin to realize is that the process is much more time-consuming than they anticipated. They realize they have to do background checks and try to verify that the security guard candidates have been properly trained. At Special Security Services we have the resources to expedite the process, get accurate results, and get you the quality security guards you need.


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    Rising Crime at Brick-and-Mortar Cannabis Facilities

    Owners of brick-and-mortar cannabis facilities in California find themselves having to address two very important issues simultaneously. They want their marijuana companies and dispensaries to be as customer-friendly as possible, but they also want to make sure they are secure enough to discourage rising crime. We can help. We can provide well-trained, disciplined armed, and unarmed security guards to discourage and foil thieves while helping to maintain a warm, welcoming atmosphere in the facility. Our security guards are able to do this because of their years of specialized training.

    Fast and Reliable

    If your cannabis company or dispensary in California is already open, but you have come to realize that it is in your best interest to improve your security personnel, we are the company to call. At Special Security Services we have earned the reputation for being California’s fastest and most reliable way to get security guard services. Our security guards are licensed, bonded, insured, and trained professionals who are experts at being able to identify and prevent dangerous situations. Cannabis companies and dispensaries can rely on them to always be on time and prepared to handle any potential threats that arise.

    Hiring Us is Fast and Easy

    If you need armed or unarmed security to provide a sense of security in your marijuana facility, you can arrange for us to provide the security personnel you need in a matter of minutes.

    • Just visit our website.
    • Enter your zip code.
    • State whether you want armed or unarmed security guards and how many.
    • Choose what date and time you want them to report for duty.
    • Make your payment.
    • The security guards you requested will be at your location at the requested time. We simplify the process of getting all the well-trained security guards you need, when you need them, to keep your facility safe.

    The Importance of Security for Cannabis Grow Facilities

    Some marijuana entrepreneurs feel that they don’t need to have security guards in order to protect their grow facilities. They mistakenly believe that because they have a very limited flow of customers in their grow facilities, the chances of them being targeted by thieves and robbers is very low. Nothing can be further from the truth. Inside grow facilities is hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of untraceable marijuana products. That makes them a high-value target for thieves and robbers who can then sell it on the street. If the safety of your grow facility staff is important to you, then you should ensure you have a team of professionals protecting it.

    On-Site Security Guards a Legal Requirement

    Having specially trained, licensed security guards at your marijuana dispensary is not only the safe and sensible thing to do, it’s a legal requirement in the state. Licensed

    dispensaries are required by law to be equipped with both video surveillance cameras and on-site security guards. This helps to protect the staff and the customers and discourage thieves and robbers. Ever since marijuana dispensaries became legal, there have been criminals who have been trying to pull strong-arm robberies and thefts in them. We can provide you with the properly trained and licensed security guards that you need.

    Wide Selection of Services

    At Special Security Services we can provide a wide range of security services for your marijuana dispensary or your cannabis company. If you have a problem with large groups of customers coming to your facility at one time, our security guards can provide the crowd control services you need. We can provide security guards who will patrol your property on foot, or we can provide vehicle patrols. We can even do parking control or even fire watch at any specific time slot you choose. We can provide all the security guards you need for your corporate offices, grow facilities, or a cannabis dispensary.

    Over 20 Years Of Experience

    For over 20 years, the team at Special Security Services has been providing customers all over California with the highest quality armed and unarmed security services. We can protect not only your grow facility and your dispensary, but we can also provide the personal security services your staff needs. We can mitigate and minimize all of the dangers members of your staff face as they move to and from your facilities each day. We can even provide home security for your top executives in communities all over California. Our team can enhance your safety and security wherever and whenever you need us.

    Affordable Prices

    Sky-high prices do not have to be a barrier preventing you from getting professional security guard services for your marijuana growing facility or your cannabis dispensary anywhere in California. At Special Security Services we have earned a reputation for our ability to provide high-quality armed and unarmed security services for companies big and small at prices they can afford. Whether you need one security guard for a few hours each day or you need a team of security guards to provide 24/7 protection for a group of facilities, contact us today and you are sure to be pleasantly surprised with our affordable prices.

    Commercial Security

    We provide a customized approach to commercial security at Special Security Service. We provide can a team of armed or unarmed security guards who are always alert and able to distinguish between trustworthy employees and customers and a dangerous, nefarious, individual who is up to no good. Our specialized training methods have enabled our staff to consistently get excellent results when providing commercial security services. Our customized security services have helped to keep marijuana-related businesses all over California safe. We understand the unique needs of these businesses and what it takes to enhance their safety.

    Medical Marijuana For Sale In California

    In 2007 California’s State Board of Equalization began taxing medical marijuana and collectives and cooperatives with a Seller’s Permit could sell medical marijuana via dispensaries in California to card-holding members. However, proper security has always been of the utmost importance. A Burbank California cannabis consulting firm, The Bulbulyan Consulting Group, recommended marijuana dispensaries use very stringent background checks on employees, install security cameras, hire specially trained security guards and build close relationships with the local police to control all the robberies and thefts the dispensaries would inevitably face.

    Recommendations Not Law

    While they were good recommendations, they did not have to power of state law. So business owners were free to decide which of those practices they would use to protect their assets and their customers. As the number of California marijuana dispensaries that have fallen victim to thieves and robbers has continued to rise, it has become clear that the ones that made the investment in private security guards were less likely to be hit by criminals. Adding security guards is a valuable addition to the safety and reputation of the stores. State law dictates that during operation hours security guards be at every entrance and exit.

    Choose The Right Guards

    As a cannabis business owner, choosing the right source of security guards is crucial. The cannabis business is largely a cash-based business. This attracts the interest of many thieves and robbers. We are a security guard company that understands your unique needs and can provide the exact services you need. Other security companies often take an approach to marijuana-based business security that doesn’t reflect the unique issues marijuana businesses face. That’s why you should choose Special Security Services if you want the fastest, safest, and most effective way to protect your staff, customers as well as your marijuana assets.


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