28 January, 2022

Security is one of those things that most people never think about until their business is compromised. We have learned some guidelines through years of experience to help you determine what level of security you need.

Types of Security

Physical Level:

The basic level of security is physical security. Physical security means that thieves and burglars can not get in; it also means that you will be safe from electronic or cyber-attacks.

Physical security at home may consist of gates, fences, doors, and windows. Also, these are important to consider because they need regular maintenance, so they function properly.

Digital Level:

The digital level of security is a little more complex. It protects against malware, rootkits, viruses, warez, and spam. Also, we must have a good firewall to protect the network from external threats.

Psychological Level:

The psychological level of security is even more complex. This type of security prevents hackers from trying to get into your systems or networks because they know you have it, or you will put them in jail if they do so.

If you’re wondering which category your company falls into or how much standard protection you’ll need for your business, there are elements at play when considering higher security for your business.

Factors to Consider When Looking For Security

Whether You Need Armed or Unarmed Guards

Currently, the number one thing a business should consider when deciding on security is the level of protection they need. Do you need guards who will be armed to protect your company? Or do you want a company with unarmed security guards who mainly watch out for customers’ safety and report their observations to their employer?

If you decide to get armed security guards for your business, certain things must be considered, like training, background check, and insurance coverage.

If You Need 24/7 Security Coverage

If you decide to keep armed guards, then there are certain things you should have in place. One of those would be a security system that can give your business 24/7 protection. This ensures that if a criminal or other offenders gain access, they would be caught by a security guard and sent to jail. If it is your company’s policy that you want to fire your guards if they allow or even see a criminal on your premises, then make sure that you get a security system that provides round-the-clock coverage.

The Location of the Business

Knowing your company’s location is vital when it comes to security. More crime and crimes of opportunity happen during nighttime hours, which is why you’ll need to have a system that has enough protection for you even at night. You may also want to consider having the addresses of your establishment posted on the doors so that if any intruders enter, they’ll be noticed by security guards and will have time to call 911 and have help on their way.

The Size of the Company

If your company has physical assets that need to be protected, you’ll have to ensure that you have enough coverage. Such as, if your company is a jewelry store, you’ll need more than one security guard on duty at night. In this case, it would be best to add more guards and cameras rather than get a less effective security system.

The Business Type

If the business you run is anywhere where the public will have contact with your company, you’ll have to make sure that you have enough security measures in place. Your security can be in the form of people, or it can be in the form of technology; either way, make sure that your business is protected. If your business has cash, credit cards, and other inventory that needs to be locked up, then get a security system that can handle these types of assets.

Not all security guards are fit for the job. It’s hard to gauge when certain people can handle their security guards duties. It can take only one criminal incident for things to go wrong in some cases. This is why one of the things you need to look for in a security company is whether or not they take care of any situation that involves their guards. Below are reasons why using a security services company is of best interest.

Reasons Why Using Special Security Services is in Your Best Interest

Ease of Use

You will have to be on-site for your security guards to get the job done most of the time. You’ll also need to pay for their benefits, such as health insurance and payroll taxes. This is why a security services company can be helpful since they will handle many things that you’ll find hard to manage.

On-Demand Service

When using security officers, you will have to pay them even if your business is closed. A security services company only charges you if they do their job. This is why the costs of having a security services company work better than having in-house security. Also, with a security company, you won’t have to pay for their benefits and payroll taxes.

Reliable and Trained Security Guards

The market for security guards is huge. This means that many people claim to be security experts, but in reality, they are not. A good security services company will ensure that the people who apply for their services are trained and tested before being put in a position to protect your assets. They will also ensure that they have the right insurance or coverage, especially if you don’t have any.

Comprehensive and Customized Security Systems

If you provide your security guards, you will have to ensure that they are trained and up to date with their training. When you use a services company, they’ll already have a complete security system in place. They can customize this security system according to what the business needs. This is why using a service company is more effective since they’ll work on the things that matter most for your business and will be protected from risks.

Must Screen All Guards and Have Active Drug Tests

The best security companies will do a background check on all potential candidates before hiring. They will also make sure that their guards are drug-free. If there is any chance that their guards might be involved in drugs, then you should look for another company since a services company wants nothing to do with drug addicts or drug users.

PPO Licenses

To make sure that their guards are doing the job they are hired to do, every one of them will have to have a proper PPO. This is why only hiring security services companies will work better for your business since they’ll be able to be more responsible for the protection provided by their services.


Since you’ll be hiring these companies to protect your business, you’ll have to make sure that they are covered for any damages that might occur. A good company will make sure that its guards are insured and the company itself. This is why only hiring security services companies are a great choice since they know what is best for your business.

In conclusion, when you have the best security services, your business will be protected from criminals and other risks. Find a security services company that can handle the number of guards and cameras needed to protect your business. You’ll also want to see if they offer discounts or special packages since they might be cheaper and more effective than hiring in-house guards.

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