6 May, 2022

Movie theaters are a favorite place for entertainment, especially during the summer months when many people seek relief from heat and humidity outside of their homes. While moviegoers enjoy coming together in this communal setting to watch movies in comfortable air-conditioned theaters, they do not realize that these environments also pose serious risks. These risks include theft, shootings, injuries, and acts of terrorism. This calls for the need for more than just security cameras. Dark theatres need security personnel in addition to cameras due to the simple fact that visibility is low, which increases the chances of an incident going undetected.

In recent years, theft and other criminal activity have become increasingly common in movie theaters. This article discusses why security is necessary for the safety of patrons.

Prevention and Protection

As the owner or manager of a movie theater, it should be a top priority to protect your patrons from potential harm. With over 3 billion dollars stolen each year from the American populace, it becomes obvious why some establishments, such as movie theaters, feel the need to provide extra security measures. Since theaters cannot monitor all areas inside the building with cameras alone, it’s important to provide on-site patrol by qualified and trained security officers. Cinema security is often managed by the employees themselves, which often means teenagers working a part-time gig. There’s nothing wrong with teenagers, don’t get us wrong, but in the event of an emergency in a dark room, who would you rather have implemented security protocols? A highly trained security guard, or a teenager? We rest our case.

Property Damage

There are numerous reasons why theater security guards are necessary in today’s world. It isn’t unfathomable that theaters are highly targeted areas for shootings and other acts of terror. It used to be that the biggest threat to a movie theater was underage kids sneaking into rated R movies or movie tickets being used twice, but unfortunately, we face bigger risks now. Risks that could cost lives. Even when it comes to property damage, having on-site security guards means you are likely going to save money from having to replace stolen or damaged property which is the unfortunate result of owning a business where your patrons sit in a dark room for an average of two or more hours. Even with employee patrols, you’re likely not going to stop someone from being a nuisance and doing something like vandalizing theater seats. Yeah, it’s probably no surprise to you that this is a common occurrence when a large majority of your audience is underage and unsupervised teens. When professional guards are on-premise, you can guarantee you’ll deter those types of incidents during peak showtimes.

Decrease Crime

Even though security does not always decrease crime rates, it is safe to say that it decreases the chances of criminal activity and thus reduces how likely people are to commit crimes in the first place. This means implementing better security systems in and outside of your establishment is likely to deter criminals from even entering your building. Whether it be security guards or security technology, it’s time to think about how you can minimize risks and vulnerabilities within your business.

If you own a bar or nightclub, you probably already understand how dangerous violent crime can be. Although movies offer much less risk than bars or nightclubs, they are still places that people frequent. When criminals see that physical barriers protect people, they think twice before committing crimes.

Cut Costs

Keeping a watchful eye on your movie theater is essential to ensure that your customers have a safe and non-disruptive experience, which keeps them coming back! A security system is an investment, but it pays off repeatedly as long as you maintain high levels of surveillance. When you invest in a smart security system and/or onsite security guards, you save a lot of time and energy that could be used elsewhere as a business owner. Employee productivity improves, as well as morale, knowing that safety and surveillance is a top priority in your establishment. By installing cameras in strategic areas throughout your facility, you won’t need to hire additional personnel to monitor these areas. This can reduce the average cost of managing your business. With fewer employees, you will have more room for expansion or other projects while enhancing your security system with the latest technology.

At Special Security Services, we offer a multitude of services to suit your security needs including 24/7 live operator desk support, GPS tracking devices, door entry alarms, video surveillance, biometric fingerprinting, intercoms, electronic gates, panic buttons, fire and smoke detectors, video recording devices, and access control keypads.

Not sure what you need and what you don’t? That’s why we offer consulting services for your business to assess potential threats and vulnerabilities within your business establishment. We will help you customize your security system based on your budget, space, and unique needs. Special Security Services offers protection and security strategies tailored to your establishments’ specific needs. All of our guards are highly trained above industry standard and carry a PPO license, active guard card, and are personally insured in the event that physical defensive action must be taken such as assault or battery. We offer armed and unarmed guards for both long-term and short-term contracts. With Special Security Services hiring security is fast and simple:

  • Request security anywhere in the state for the date and time you need
  • Provide the time and date you would like services to begin.
  • Securely pay upon booking.
  • Our security guards will arrive when and where you need them, right on time.

Our services provide quick solutions for various security scenarios, from an individual wanting a bodyguard for the night to a large-scale event. Our vision is to make security procurement as easy as calling an Uber! Call us today to learn how we can assist you in ensuring your business has top-of-the-line security.

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