4 March, 2022

Construction is one of the most capital-intensive industries globally, with a high average cost. As a result, theft and vandalism can hurt a company’s bottom line, limit productivity, and threaten deadlines. Special Security Services offers professionally trained, licensed, and experienced security guards for your construction site. We offer unarmed and armed guard services to protect your company and its assets so that you can avoid unnecessary losses, stay under budget, and meet deadlines.

Construction site theft and vandalism are more common forms of crime than most think. It’s fairly easy for criminals to scope out sites and take note of things such as where employees park their vehicles or the most vulnerable areas of your site and how to get into them.

Theft Protection

It’s an all too common occurrence, most employees leave their tools and equipment behind when they are done for the day — only to return to find that their tools are missing. This is the most common type of theft, and it’s a huge problem for construction workers and the capital of your business.

Fortunately, Special Security Services offers 24/7 protection through both armed or un-armed guard services and surveillance of your construction site to protect against these common occurrences.

Construction Site Monitoring

Special Security Services will manage and monitor any suspicious activity happening in or around your building site and will stop it before it has a chance to hurt your business. SSS offers construction site security monitoring. We monitor cameras from a central guard station and the most-used areas of your building. We will follow the movements of your workers, and any on-site bodies to look for anything out of the ordinary. Our security team members are highly experienced and trained in their job.

Even if there is no outright crime occurring at your construction site on a particular day, we will detect any suspicious activity that has occurred before our arrival. Our security team will determine whether a theft has, or is going to occur and will notify you so that you may take the necessary steps to prevent it.

Advanced Security Services

Special Security Services offers complete protection for construction sites and other high-risk locations with advanced technology, special training, and years of experience. We offer highly sophisticated, advanced technology. The same advanced technology is used at airports, military installations, and national landmarks. Our security cameras and monitoring equipment are among the best available and run 24/7. Our security officers are trained to respond quickly and appropriately to any incident that occurs on your site.

Advanced technology can mean the difference between criminal activity that goes unnoticed and the prevention of such activity altogether.

We offer security for every type of construction site you might have:

Residential Security

Residential construction sites face various different threats such as squatters or criminals looking for low-profile areas where they feel their chances of getting caught are lower. SSS offers highly trained and experienced guards to keep your residential construction site secure.

Commercial Security

Our guards work with commercial properties of all sizes, protecting them against theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities. We are highly trained professionals who understand that security is a big part of business operations and property management. SSS security guards will closely monitor your property and are on-site, day or night to ensure that everyone who works on-site and their equipment is protected.

Armed Security Guard

We provide highly trained and licensed armed security guards who know how to deal with any security issue that may arise with the necessary force, ensuring the safety of everyone on their watch so you can rest easy knowing your property is safe.

Unarmed Security Guard

We offer unarmed guards to provide you and your property with protection. Our professional unarmed guards have specialized training to deal with different situations and types of threats without the use of deadly force.

It is essential to protect the assets of your company. We will be there to ensure that your construction site doesn’t become an easy target for criminal activity that can impact the productivity or profit of your project.

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