4 November, 2021

As the owner of a gated community in the state of California, it’s essential to ensure that your residents are protected at all times, and you’ll need the right team of guards to do it. Crime rates are high in the state of California, which means that you need the best protection that you can get. Luckily, that’s exactly what Special Security Services offers.

Not only do we have an exceptional amount of experience in the security business, but we’ve protected just about any kind of gated community that you can think of. Furthermore, we’ve worked in rural, urban, and suburban gated communities along with everything in between.

Furthermore, we’re able to offer our services throughout the state. That’s because all of our guards have a valid guard card and PPO license. Not only does this mean that we can protect properties anywhere in the state, but we can also offer personal protection services. This means your residents can have access to private security guard services if they need this protection.

Why is it Important to Hire Experienced Guards For a Gated Community?

It’s important to realize that high-value properties are a common target of burglars, and California has a high rate of property crime compared to many other states. While the crime rate varies greatly between different regions of the state, burglaries, theft, and vandalism can occur anywhere. That means you can never afford to skimp on protection for your gated community.

So, even if your gated community is located in a municipality with a low crime rate, that alone doesn’t guarantee the safety of residents. Therefore, having the right protection is crucial regardless of a gated community’s specific location. However, certain regions of the state do tend to have a substantially higher rate of property crimes than others, and having the right protection is especially important in these areas.

For instance, the crime rates in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento are consistently significantly higher than the state average. In fact, one’s chances of becoming a property or violent crime victim in the city of Los Angeles are around 1 in 30 each year.

A large portion of these crimes are burglaries and other forms of property crime. Furthermore, the city has a rate of crime that’s higher than 86% of all municipalities in the state.

Furthermore, a substantial portion of all property crimes in the state of California are burglaries. In fact, 17% of all property crimes in the state were burglaries in 2019. Furthermore, one’s average odds of being a victim of a burglary in the state during 2020 were around 386 in 100,000.

Our Guards Have a Strong Track Record When it Comes to Spotting Suspicious Behavior

In order to effectively protect your gated community, it’s crucial to ensure that your team of security guards will be able to identify suspicious behavior immediately. Not only do we only hire individuals with exceptional training and experience, but you can count on us to utilize the latest technologies to keep your community safe at all times. Here are a few examples of the tools that our guards will be able to effectively utilize to protect the safety of your residents:

  • State of the art camera systems
  • Handheld incident tracking systems
  • Facial recognition technology

We Offer Exceptional Personal Security Services For Gated Community Residents

In addition to offering security services to whole communities and businesses, we offer exceptional protection to individuals as well. So, residents of your community will be able to hire our guards for individual protection at any time.

In fact, we have protected numerous prominent individuals throughout the state of California. Furthermore, we offer affordable prices on all of our services.

We’re Available on Demand

One thing that truly sets us apart from many other security services is the fact that we make it possible to hire guards on demand, and we use a similar model to popular rideshare services like Uber and Lyft. If you go to our website and pay for our services, you can rest assured that a team of guards will arrive at your gated community in short order!

Furthermore, we’ll select a team of guards with the unique needs of your community in mind. This means that you won’t need to spend any time interviewing potential security guard candidates.

We’ve Gotten Exceptional Reviews

Not only have we gotten great reviews when it comes to protecting gated communities, but we’ve also received excellent testimonials from individuals and families who have hired us for personal protection services. In fact, you’ll be able to find these testimonials on our website and elsewhere on the web.

Get in Touch With Us Today!

Unlike many other security services, you’ll be able to hire a team of some of the best security guards in the state simply by going to our website! All that you’ll need to book our services online, and a team of guards will arrive in a matter of hours. So, try out the one of a kind security services that we offer and receive exceptional protection for your community fast!